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Black Cat Mystery

Black Cat Mystery stands for a collaborative instrumental compilation project. Together with Vinyl Digital we finally drop this 19-track beat release which acts as a stage for selected, most talented beat producer.

Full of lively productions straight from the golden era of low-end theory to jazz-inspired Lo-fi beatscapes. A unique compilation which shouldn´t be missed in every LoFi fan´s record shelve.


Never Stop Rockin'

With Never Stop Rockin’ Beamic balances a gritty instrumental take on nostalgic jazzy boombap combined with gently vocal flips and soulful summer harmonies. The complex sample work, a beautiful arrangement and the artist’s sense for musical momentums create a special atmosphere that reflects the Golden Era sound, captures today’s vibe and creates a powerful mood that lives up to the title motto.



Make sure you check out Philadelphia rapper lojii. Together with Youngbloods we have his track “colour” on limited 7″ vinyl. The track is from the 2018 record lofeye, a concept album and personal testament that lojii pieced together between 2014 and 2018.


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Ananas Exzess

Somewhere between pineapple scented smoke and aerosols from excessive spray can use you will find the Magdeburg rapper Hypnotize. On “Ananas Exzess” (Pineapple Excess), which was previously published in January 2018, he does not mince words and deals with topics such as drug consumption and life from hand to mouth. 

The previously digitally released album will now be available in a small edition on cassette including all unpublished instrumentals on the B side via Tapeinvader. Street credibility in symmetry!


Listen to our music online – We have listed a couple of playlists that feature our music and a bunch of other dope tracks. We also have our full discography added to a playlist.


Blackbook Studies

London based Daidalos releases his second project on Tapeinvader titled Blackbook Studies. The mainly instrumental project is based on classic boom bap trip-hop and electronic sounds while in the background it is accompanied by graffiti themed stories.

Every writer holds dearly his or her black book, this is the starting point before executing something out in the wild or on a restricted surface, with that in mind this is how this project came to life, trying to illustrate selected beat sketches from his black book and present them with a graffiti backdrop.

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